Frequently Asked Questions


Sampling: If I order samples, they’ll really have my logo or company name on them?

Yes! Once you participate in this Private Label program, your logo and company name will now be on all samples that we send to you or your customer.  Again, this is at no charge to you.


 Why is there a $5 charge per book?

Unlike other books that are mass produced, these books are customized, one by one, for each customer.  Therefore, the cost to produce and ship each book dramatically larger than a normal sample book.



Will our sales reps deliver these books to us like our other Charlotte Fabrics books?

These books will be sent directly to the shipping location of your choice (at no charge).  Your sales reps will still come by to update sample books and discuss our new product offerings.


Stock levels: What if I order a fabric and it’s out of stock?

We recognize that by you putting your name on these books, the product is a reflection of you and your brand. Rest assured, 98% of our orders ship within 1 business day.  For this private labeling program, we have increased inventory levels as well and gone to great lengths to ensure as few back-orders as possible.


How do I check stock levels and pricing?

Just like any other Charlotte product, simply go to CharlotteFabrics.com, login, and key in the SKU number.  You’ll then be able to see stock levels in real-time and your price for the product.  


How do I place fabric orders with my Private Label books?

Just like any Charlotte product, you can either place them online at CharlotteFabrics.com, or call us at 800-328-5224.  


How does Private Labeling prevent price shopping?

The SKU on the back of your private label book is different than the normal Charlotte Fabrics book.  Therefore, it truly is your product.


How long does it take to have the books produced and sent?

Production and shipping of the book should take about 3-4 weeks.  Keep in mind, we have only a limited number of books available for Private Labeling.  


What if I don’t have a logo?

No problem!  You can simply key in your company name and you’ll immediately see how it will look on all the books!


How often do you come out with new books?

We generally come out with 7-10 books every 4 months.


What if I don’t want all the books in your offering?

You simply select which books you want, it can be just 1 or all of them, it’s completely up to you.